Real Estate Consulting Help For Your Real Estate Investment Company


Real Estate Consulting Help For Entrepreneurs Starting Their Own Real Estate Investment Company

One of the consequences of The Great Recession is that tremendous real estate opportunities have been created.

With the unprecedented number of foreclosures, refinancing problems and economic woes dominating the news and views of so many, real estate has been categorically dismissed by the general public as a viable investment option. As a result, major opportunities are now emerging from all the noise that offer immense profit potential.

Many entrepreneurs see the current real estate market as an urgent focal point for the formation of their new company that is focused on tapping this opportunity before it disappears.

However, many of these folks who want to grab a piece of this potential don’t have the time, the full expertise, the systems, procedures and processes or some other pivotal missing piece of the puzzle to get to their Point B. This is especially true if they want to navigate the shark-infested waters of raising investor capital from venture capital or angel investors.

Real Estate IS Both Complex And Complicated

Irrespective of how many real estate “gurus” trivialize buying and operating income property, it is NOT for everyone.

Even if you’ve taken a half dozen guru courses on how to get rich in real estate, trust me when I tell you that you are still not prepared to go it alone. There are simply too many ways you can make multiple, critical, unrecoverable mistakes.

Real estate investment, particularly in income property, is not for the half trained entrepreneur – UNLESS – you have an experienced real estate consultant who can help guide and protect you from all the things that can go wrong with both the purchase side and the operating side of the business.

Real estate is both complex and complicated – but it can be a fantastically profitable business if done right.

Two Real Estate Consulting Solutions For You – My Real Estate ImpleMentor Service And My Real Estate Virtual Chief Operating Officer Service

My clients are solving these, and other, issues by tapping my Real Estate Consulting and ImpleMentor Service.

  • Some clients have taken lots of real estate courses from a lot of real estate gurus – but are still unsure what it really takes to go implement what they’ve learned in the real world. These clients benefit from my mentoring and action planning that is specifically focused on defining their Point B for their company and their personal situation – and what needs to be done to get there.
  • Some clients have me help them with their financial planning and financial forecasting and projections so they are sure they have a business model that will make them money.
  • Other clients take advantage of my Real Estate Version of my Deviled Details Strategy and Action Planning Service so they develop a comprehensive action plan, with well thought out strategy and tactics that includes them knowing their W3 = Who? Is Doing What? When?
  • Some clients tap my Virtual COO Service where I provide them with senior-level management expertise and become responsible for actually implementing the action plan we’ve developed for their vision.
  • Other clients bring me in on specific projects like acquisition or due diligence to help them expedite a purchase or sale.
  • Some clients have found themselves facing major problems with their properties, personnel, government agencies, investors – the list often seems endless. These clients consult with me to help them slay the dragons that threaten their organizations or their properties.
  • Other clients consult with me on an hourly basis, on an “as needed” basis, using my Mentoring Services to fill in their expertise gaps or to get them from their current Point A to their desired Point B.
  • Other clients tap my Fundraising Service that helps them legally raise the investment capital they need for funding their real estate purchases.

How can I most help YOU – and your real estate needs? Robert Lee Goodman, MBA and Chief ImpleMentor

Right now, what are the issues and stumbling blocks keeping you from your own real estate success?

A Lot Of People Offer Real Estate Consulting

However, most consultants offer help with just some particular aspects of your real estate portfolio.

With Ceo Resource’s Real Estate Consulting and ImpleMentor Service and Real Estate Virtual COO Service, you not only have highly experienced help with all things related to your properties, but you also benefit from working with a start up company specialist who can provide you with pivotal help to get your company started – to make your real estate company more effective and professional – someone who will help you slay the dragons that are blocking your path to success – someone who can help you raise the investor capital you will need to accelerate your acquisitions.

With my 30 years of achievement, experience and an MBA from a top-rated, world class program along with 15 years as a CEO in commercial real estate investments, I have the very unique background, credentials and capabilities to both help your company fight your own, very specific real estate related dragons and help you achieve your strategic goals with your property portfolio.

Whether you are a new company or an existing company that needs fee-based real estate consulting on real estate issues from someone who is not paid to close a bad deal, Ceo Resource LLC can help.

Experienced Real Estate Consulting, Planning & Implementation

My experience, background and credentials that relate to real estate include:

  • Over 15 years of direct, commercial real estate experience as CEO and managing principal who directly owned and operated nearly $100 million of income property including multi-family, office, office-warehouse and self-storage facilities.
  • Managed, through my wholly-owned subsidiary, over 45,000 rental units across five states.
  • Successfully raised over $20 million from investors on real estate Reg D offerings I personally prepared and in which I served as General Partner.
  • After founding the company, grew the real estate division into the seventh largest self-storage operation in the nation.

With all of this experience, I am confident that I can help you with:

  • Business planning for starting or growing your real estate company.
  • Insights into operational issues you will face in slaying the dragons that will try to block your path to success.
  • Developing a realistic strategy with the tactical details necessary for successful implementation.
  • Identifying, evaluating, purchasing, managing and disposing of the right kinds of income property that meet your goals.

Ceo Resource LLC specializes in cost effectively helping start up organizations, entrepreneurial ventures and new business formations slay the dragons that block the path to the success they envision.

To date, Ceo Resource has already helped and mentored, on a one-on-one basis, the CEOs of over TWO THOUSAND diverse companies in 49 of the 50 states and in over 40 countries on six of the seven continents with their business planning, fundraising and plan implementation.

Real Estate Consulting Services – Two Focal Points

My Real Estate ImpleMentor Service and Virtual COO Service include these two focal points:

  • The success of your real estate company and its effective formation, capitalization and operation.
  • Your success with acquiring and operating the right properties that match your overall company strategy.

The investment, purchase, ownership, occupancy, and disposition of commercial real estate can be overwhelming complex – constantly producing uncountable challenges and opportunities – with new, potentially lethal, dragons challenging you at every turn.

Effectively identifying, analyzing and resolving even the most common issues surrounding real estate, and real estate organizations, can take expertise that is only gained through years of senior-level, hands-on experience and practice.

With my ImpleMentor Management Consulting Service for Real Estate, you have the benefit of my many years of experience helping you define and refine workable real estate objectives and realistic alternatives and solutions to meet your current and future goals.

Experienced Real Estate Consulting Solutions

Here are some of the ways I can help accelerate your own success:

  • Company Strategy, Tactics, Business Planning and Implementation: Focused especially on helping start up or growing real estate companies by setting up the fundamental strategy and tactics of your new real estate company: what kind of properties; geographic locations; ideal size of property; develop and validate your general business model; produce a realistic business plan and help with its successful implementation.
  • Acquisitions: Valuation analysis; due diligence for property acquisition; contract negotiations; closing document analysis and business review.
  • Financial and Investment Analysis: Acquisition opportunities; financing / refinancing packages; sales packages.
  • Operational issues – Both Your Company and Your On Site Operations: Personnel; organizational structure; property management; computerization; property maintenance; property supervision; systems and procedures; flow of work; fraud prevention; contract negotiations – both buying and selling; web site presence.real estate consultant, real estate consulting, Real Estate Investment Company, real estate executive, virtual real estate executive
  • Chaos Planning & Dragon Slaying: Bankruptcy avoidance or implementation; debtor in possession operations; foreclosure; loan renegotiations; employee theft; legal / IRS issues; PR – when it hits the fan; expert witness testimony; shareholder / investor disputes and investigations; condo association disputes and investigations; strategic planning for underperforming, surplus and foreclosed / REO properties; lease renegotiations; litigation support; assistance in resolving real property disputes.
  • Funding & Investor Fundraising: Financing; syndication and investor fundraising; private placement, Reg D offerings; securities laws / compliance issues; investor and fundraising strategy; investor relations; investor-oriented web site development and content compliant with securities laws.
  • Virtual Chief Operating Officer Service: When 30 hour work days are just not enough for the CEO; when you need another senior level, experienced exec to do all that needs to be done; when you need different skill sets and areas of expertise than those currently available from those in the org chart; when there are too many opportunities – and too little time to capitalize on even the great ones; when there are too many dragons – and too little time, and too few swords, to fight just the potentially lethal ones; all the general “T” crossing and “I” dotting deviled details that are always part of real estate operations.

I’ve faced many of these issues with my own $100 million real estate portfolio of 45,000 rental units. I’ve helped clients with all of these issues with their own real estate operations.

What about you?

Are You Prepared For Those Kinds Of Issues With Your Real Estate Company?

Virtually all real estate companies face virtually ALL of the above issues. As I said, the real estate business is both complex and complicated.

Which of the above issues sound like either dragons or perpetually uncompleted tasks in your own organization? How are you going to quickly and effectively handle these kinds of challenges before they interfere, or interfere more, with your success?

Where are you going to find this kind of expertise that may be missing in your own background or in your organization?

real estate consultant, real estate consulting, Real Estate Investment Company, real estate executive, virtual real estate executive

Where are you going to find the right mix of real estate expertise and start up company knowledge that gets you past your current roadblocks, gets you out of neutral and helps get you to your real estate vision’s Point B?

My Real Estate ImpleMentor Service and my Real Estate Virtual COO Service are uniquely designed to offer you the specific and cost-effective solutions for your real estate start up company.

Practical help for realistic real estate investing.

Real Estate Consulting – Fees and Details

I am not a broker, attorney or CPA – but, instead, I work with you and your other professional advisors to help you take care of your real estate business so it not only survives – but thrives as we implement your vision.

My current hourly rates for my Real Estate ImpleMentor Service and my Real Estate Virtual COO Service can be found at

Details on my Deviled Details Strategy and Tactical Action Planning can be found by clicking Deviled Details. Click Finding Your Funding for more information on raising investor capital for your real estate portfolio.

Or, consult with me on an hourly basis, on an “as needed” basis, using my Real Estate Consulting and Mentoring Services.

Next Step

If you are ready to move forward or have questions about your specific needs, I invite you to call me – or click Contact For Real Estate Consulting Help to email me so we can discuss your particular situation and needs – and your vision for your real estate company’s Point B.




Robert Lee Goodman, MBA
Ceo & Chief ImpleMentor

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