Using Adverse Possession For Real Estate Title Ownership


real estateAdverse possession has gained national attention in recent months. Prior to high profile cases in Florida, Texas, New York, and California, adverse possession was mostly a term only known to real estate agents/brokers, title companies, and lawyers

Adverse Possession is the LEGAL process of claiming ownership to real estate property that has been abandoned, neglected, or where legal owners cannot be found. The real estate in question can be claimed by means of FOLLOWING THE LAW, taking ownership and responsiblity as if it were YOUR OWN.

The real estate meltdown has brought about a great plight to many people and corporations, including those associated with banks, real estate , and financial firms. Most banks and financial firms have greatly benefit from public bailouts and government friendly legislation including being able to borrow money at near ZERO interest rates while at the same time implementing ways to unfairly extract even more money out of the very people that bailed them out.

The same corporations that caused the financial mess have been diligent and effortlessly using the LAW to their advantage. There are NUMEROUS examples of this! The main point here is that YOU should also be using the LAW to your advantage in a legal and ethical way.

Using ADVERSE POSSESSION you can use the LAW to acquire valuable real estate such as residential homes, apartments, or vacant and unimproved land. In fact just about every type of land and property you can think of.

Credit doesn’t matter! Good or bad credit: this law will work for you! Think about it like this. When you buy a home the old way, with a mortgage, you pay closing costs, an annual interest rate, realtor fees, etc. You have to get approved for a loan which takes your job history and credit score into consideration. When you learn how…read more


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